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His Journey...  
Dr. Sudershan Chugh passed MBBS from PGIMS ROHTAK in 1981. Later on he did his MS from same institution in 1985. He worked as resident in same institution. He started his practice in 1987 at Pehowa in name of SARASWATI MISSION HOSPITAL, PEHOWA. This hospital which was 10 beded to start with has grown to 100 bedded hospital now Dr Chugh started research in field of piles fissure and fistula in 1992. Since then he has operated around 8000 patients with extremely good results. He organized many free piles surgery camp at Ambala, Patiala, Jind, Cheeka, Pehowa, Devigarh. Results were very encouraging. On Oct 28, 2007 All India Sangmeshwar dal Arunai (Khanna) branch organized a free piles surgery camp where he operated 137 most successful piles surgery in one day.
World Record...

Previous record for doing maximum number in one day was 27 cases only by Ramesh B Patel of Ahemdabad.
He has named his technique as MISP (MINIMAL INVASIVE SURGERY FOR PILES). Operations for piles are done daily. Patients are supposed to come before 11am preferably Patients are discharged same day usually. Apart from piles other operation are also done daily (visit achievements section for details)
Comparative Analysis of Conventional piles surgery & MISP by DR.Chugh
S.No. Subject Conventional Surgery MISP Technique
1. Need of anesthesia Spinal anesthesia is required Can be done under local Anesthesia
2. Need of admission Hospital admission for 2 to 3 days Day care surgery
3. Pain after surgery Intense pain Minimal pain or painless surgery
4. Post operate dressings For at least 10 days No dressing is required
5. Recovery Takes 10 to 34 days Require 2 to 3days
6. Satisfaction rate 80% 96%
7. Operating time 30 to 40 min 5 to 10 min
8. Complication rate Very high Minimal
9. Blood Loss  Some time there can be serious loss Very minimal Loss
10. Selection of patient One has to be very careful in old age, paralysis, diabetes, cardiac patients and patients of advanced age All these conditions handled very comfortably
11. Associated fissure , fistula No role in conditions mentioned above   Even fistula, fissure can be managed comfortable with this technique Rather this technique is minimal Invasive technique for fistula & fissure
12. cure rate Reoccurrence rate is 20%. So no guarantee Reoccurrence rate is 4%
13. Cost of surgery Even normal District Hospital costs arround 12 to 15 Thousand Surgical costs is only 4500
14. Comparisions with On MIPH & Staple technique These are very costly with recurrence rate & less satisfaction Complication rate is very less & satisfaction rate is very high
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